Grab Another

Wow well what a day. After another successful day of brewing beers in the garage! As we cracked open one last beer to start putting all of the equipment away we noticed a little but of water in the corner of my garage. After searching around we noticed a hole in the roof. So I called the roofing contractor which my buddy told me to call and they came by and repaired our roof. These guys were great because they were quick and very responsive. 

So after all this was finished we finally got the garage back and could put the equipment in its proper place. This made my wife super happy because now all of our brewing equipment was not scattered throughout the home. So I just wanted to get on and keep all of my followers posted on what has been going on lately. But you know what got me through all of this? My beer selection… it is such a great feeling during a stressful time to walk down to my basement and pick one of the many home brews to sit and relax on. More tips and tricks to follow!!

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