Pumpkin Beer

Well we made our pumpkin beer and still have some sitting in the basement even though it is now March. As we said we decided to use the tablets instead of priming sugar when adding the beer into the bottle stages. The few that we drank were on point and tasted amazing! It just feels weird now at this point to be drinking pumpkin beer in March. But its good beer so I guess I can not complain too much about it.

We do have one concern is that we added so much pumpkin puree damn near close to six pounds worth, so will all of this stay good in our bottles for extended period of time? Between the puree and spices we used the beer is a little sweet but reminds me of a local brewery I love going to where they play awesome music and tunes and great food and beer.

Safe to say I love brewing and drinking good quality beer. Although it can be an expensive habit it is one I enjoy all to much. Looking forward to continue my journey with all of you!!!

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