Bottling the Beer

Well we brewed our beer and I posted about that experience the other day. Check that post out here.  Well we gave that beer over two weeks time to ferment in several different fermentors. We kept it in our glass primary fermentor for over a week, and since we are home brewing we have sediment every brewer will. By siphoning the beer out and letting that sediment in the bottom we now have a fresh batch in our secondary.

Our secondary fermentor will then sit for about a week or so, we will test our beer at this point to see how the taste it. Now this tastes a little flat but let us remember we have not bottled yet so it is not carbonated. So once we are happy with the results well add to our bottling bucket. This is a special bucket with a spout on it. We attach the hose and bottling wond and were ready for bottles.

But first we add the priming sugar to our recipe, this is only a 5g mixed with 2 cups boiling water. This all gets added to the beer and will mix when it goes in bottles.

We keep our bottles clean because like I mentioned previously sanitation is very important. So we have them lined up and one after another we fill them up with the bottling wond. My buddy has the capper and will cap each beer air tight, and it will sit for another few weeks. This is probably the most time consuming process between cleaning the bottles and capping them and getting them in storage, but totally stoked for the final result.

I will keep you updated as this process continues. Now the beers are being bottled with some cool ass American Flag caps and the initial taste test is around the corner!


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