Brew Time!

So yesterday was our official first time brewing, and I gotta admit it was quite the success. We had such a great time drinking our favorite IPA beer and listening to music from my neighbor Chris, who runs while brewing a new batch of beer which we are hoping to drink in about a months time.

We started out with our grains and steeping them for about twenty minutes which now made our beer into a wort.

This is where the fun starts, now let me remind you that we are using a homebrew kit so we are using Liquid Malt Extract (LME) instead of an all grain recipe. So we bring this new wort to a boil and we add our first LME and our first rounds of hops.  Continue reading Brew Time!

Getting Ready To Brew Some G1 Beer

Hey everyone what is happening. Well wanted to inform you all that tonight we start our brewing process. We are totally stoked to be making a Belgian Style type IPA (Indian Pale Ale). Making our own beer is going to be such a fun and new learning experience. I am hoping I will be able to post our status and how everything went by tomorrow night. If not make sure to keep checking back for our updates.

I am excited but also nervous with this first batch. Anyone have any recommendations or advice going into this first round or batch?! Thanks for the love and support get those taste buds ready!!beers