When it came time for us to buy all of this equipment we knew we had to figure out how much we were gonna brew and how much we wanted to spend. We had nothing I mean we were starting from scratch. We started at to get a lot of information on our equipment and brewing tips and tricks!

To even start our first batch we needed a burner, 7 gallon tin for boil, deposit for gas and tank, carboy, utensils, and then all of the ingredients. I am sure I am missing a few things but to get to the point we spent over an hour at the store looking at all of the cool tools.

There is so much when it comes to home brewing stuff that I never would have thought about, like having two to three fermentors which I prefer glass but they are much more costly, and also a bottling bucket. Then all of the hoses and attachments for each of them. I gotta admit we both saw the dolla signs as we put things in our cart. It was such an awesome idea for us to split those costs!

So we finally paid and split the costs and said okay where is the best place to do this in my garage so move my girlfriend’s car, or your house. Well we decided to bring everything to my home. I mean I do like having all of the stuff here at my house but damn it’s not like I live in a mansion and have extra room for all of this. But the benefits will arise when beer is unlimited in my home!

We got home with everything all of the buckets, hoses, straps, hops, grains, flames, burners, you know it, so we thought. We forgot to grab the sanitizer which is the number one most important thing when brewing beer, if you cant keep everything clean and sanitized then you are wasting your time as your wort or beer will becoming infected and ruined. Clean your tools and buckets before and after your brew session just to make your lives easier in the long run and I mean it takes what ten minutes of the process. Not to shabby.

Anyways look peeps we know we are clearly going to have to buy more stuff as we grow but for now we have a great starting point and are ready to brew beer as the seasons start to change.

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