Grab Another

Wow well what a day. After another successful day of brewing beers in the garage! As we cracked open one last beer to start putting all of the equipment away we noticed a little but of water in the corner of my garage. After searching around we noticed a hole in the roof. So I called the roofing contractor which my buddy told me to call and they came by and repaired our roof. These guys were great because they were quick and very responsive.  Continue reading Grab Another

Pumpkin Beer

Well we made our pumpkin beer and still have some sitting in the basement even though it is now March. As we said we decided to use the tablets instead of priming sugar when adding the beer into the bottle stages. The few that we drank were on point and tasted amazing! It just feels weird now at this point to be drinking pumpkin beer in March. But its good beer so I guess I can not complain too much about it.

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Bottling the Beer

Well we brewed our beer and I posted about that experience the other day. Check that post out here.  Well we gave that beer over two weeks time to ferment in several different fermentors. We kept it in our glass primary fermentor for over a week, and since we are home brewing we have sediment every brewer will. By siphoning the beer out and letting that sediment in the bottom we now have a fresh batch in our secondary. Continue reading Bottling the Beer

Brew Time!

So yesterday was our official first time brewing, and I gotta admit it was quite the success. We had such a great time drinking our favorite IPA beer and listening to music from my neighbor Chris, who runs while brewing a new batch of beer which we are hoping to drink in about a months time.

We started out with our grains and steeping them for about twenty minutes which now made our beer into a wort.

This is where the fun starts, now let me remind you that we are using a homebrew kit so we are using Liquid Malt Extract (LME) instead of an all grain recipe. So we bring this new wort to a boil and we add our first LME and our first rounds of hops.  Continue reading Brew Time!

Getting Ready To Brew Some G1 Beer

Hey everyone what is happening. Well wanted to inform you all that tonight we start our brewing process. We are totally stoked to be making a Belgian Style type IPA (Indian Pale Ale). Making our own beer is going to be such a fun and new learning experience. I am hoping I will be able to post our status and how everything went by tomorrow night. If not make sure to keep checking back for our updates.

I am excited but also nervous with this first batch. Anyone have any recommendations or advice going into this first round or batch?! Thanks for the love and support get those taste buds ready!!beers


Learning the Brew Process

So I will be the first to tell you that going into this real quick and buying the equipment without too much knowledge may have not been one of the smartest things we have done.

Luckily when we got to the beer store where the sell all the equipment and supplies the dude working was very knowledgeable of home brewing and gave us the help we were looking for. So after we bought all of the buckets, burner, carboys, air locks, etc, etc. it was time to brew.

Now making the beer is the fun part. When we were at the store of course we had to buy a case of our favorite so we could drink beer while making beer. So we got one of our favorite local brewery sampler pack from Troegs brewing company, you can check out there sick list of beers at their website  We even said to one another “hey after a batch or two we can drink our own beer while making new beer!”

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When it came time for us to buy all of this equipment we knew we had to figure out how much we were gonna brew and how much we wanted to spend. We had nothing I mean we were starting from scratch. We started at to get a lot of information on our equipment and brewing tips and tricks!

To even start our first batch we needed a burner, 7 gallon tin for boil, deposit for gas and tank, carboy, utensils, and then all of the ingredients. I am sure I am missing a few things but to get to the point we spent over an hour at the store looking at all of the cool tools.

There is so much when it comes to home brewing stuff that I never would have thought about, like having two to three fermentors which I prefer glass but they are much more costly, and also a bottling bucket. Then all of the hoses and attachments for each of them. I gotta admit we both saw the dolla signs as we put things in our cart. It was such an awesome idea for us to split those costs! Continue reading Equipment

Hello and welcome to my new website!

Hello ladies and gents and welcome to my new website called Free-G1. Just wanted to stop by and say hello to you all and make sure you save our page and come back to visit us. We will be making new updates and new content so keep an eye out for us. So hello and look forward to “seeing” you all in the upcoming months! As always keep drinking and making beer, there are always new types coming out and new ingredients being made in order for us all to enjoy a nice cold pint of only our favorites. Also do your research as their are many “know it alls” out there on the internet but you are able to figure out who the real genesis are. beer cheer